My name is Thomas Stiegler, and so far, I have achieved and experienced a lot in my life. I’m a classical concert guitarist, I’m a construction engineer, and I studied German philology, history, musicology, and more. But I never learned these things to become someone special, but rather to gain knowledge. I’ve always been fascinated about the world and everything it had to offer.

That’s also the reason I read almost every page I can get ahold of since about forty years.

Since a quarter of a century, I am devoted to music.I study it, I perform it, I share my life with it, every day.

And since about ten years I am trying to understand the world. I read books about history, psychology, culture and sociology.


Because at some point, I began to worry. I worried about our music, our poets and everything we created over centuries. I noticed how all this starts to disappear more and more rapidly.


And then I got worried about our children; thrown into a world that had been cut off from its roots. A world which grew to such an extent of fast-pacing changes and throwing away everything old that it scares me every day.


I must admit that I, too, ran away from this subject for many, many years. I denied it,shut my eyes, and instead, I sat in the ivory tower of my art. And whenever I noticed something, I looked away and told myself that someone else would take care of it.


But eventually, I could no longer keep up with my ignorance. I realized that anyone who sees injustice and does absolutely nothing about it is just as guilty as the one causing it.


And that’s why these pages came into existence.