Die Leiermann Culture App


Probably the most beautiful app on European classical culture !


To the Culture App

The idea

Studying art, literature and history is exhausting, tiring and no longer in keeping with the times? We will prove you wrong and show you that this is not true!

On our app you will receive new articles on the history and culture of Europe every day. Including pictures, videos and tips on books, museums or sights. Every day in time for breakfast on your smartphone for free – better than any daily newspaper!

Experience the world of art and culture in a completely new way and immerse yourself in the history of Europe. Our authors will whisk you away to a world that will enchant you!

The App for iOS

People keep asking me why I don’t make my culture app available to Apple users. The truth is – I simply don’t have the money.

But now you have the opportunity to support us directly – our crowdfunding campaign is still running for a fortnight and if we receive about 1000 EUR in donations, we can have it programmed!

Here is the direct link to the campaign – unfortunately it is only in German, but please support us anyway :

Support us

At the moment we are still missing :