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Der Leiermann

The whole world of European culture

Why culture

Like beauty, art and culture also have their value in them. They touch the divine in us, remind us of our humanity and in contact with them our innermost being reveals itself.

The Campaign

Together we can create a place of education and culture, a place of learning and knowledge.

To remember us, to educate us and our children comprehensively and to grow together as human beings.

What does the project consist of?


Together with experts from various fields, I will give a comprehensive overview of the history of European culture in short, concise articles on my blog.


On the Campus, an integrated online platform, interested persons can acquire online courses on various areas of European history and culture.


The forum (a simple kind of social network) should be a place of encounter. A place where, far from the distractions of the world, we can concentrate on education and culture together with artists, creative artists and other interested people.

You are important

Each and every one of you is important.

Only with your help can I start the project and build the basic structure.

But you are even more important.

Because I cannot fill the project with life alone. Only you can fill it with life. With your contributions, your interest and your help. No matter whether financially, by advertisement in the circle of acquaintances or with advice and act with all tasks, which result daily.

The Vision

I would like to see a place on the net where one can engage comprehensively with culture away from the noise of the world.

A true place of education and a meeting place for artists, creators of culture and interested people.


The Leiermann App

Probably the most beautiful app on European cultural history. With daily articles from various areas of our cultural history.

The Blog

The Leiermann Blog on European Culture.

Articles on literature, classical music or European history.

The Guitar

I often forget that I was a concert musician half my life.

The agency and the blog are my thanks to what the guitar has taught me.

But now I want to go one step further.

Let’s create a place of education and culture together.

Supports my crowdfunding campaign

Share it, tell your friends and families about it or help me directly with a small donation.

Or write me a message and accompany me on my way to this wonderful project.









Thomas Stiegler