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A new way to immerse yourself in the world of art and culture.

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With our project you will experience the world of art and culture in a completely new way.

Whether you prefer to read, watch a video, browse our shop or contact an artist directly.

All this and much more is possible on our platform in a simple and uncomplicated way.

In addition, we have long been looking for a way to support artists and cultural workers online.

And we believe that we have taken a giant step in the right direction with this project.

Because no matter whether you are an author, musician, lecturer or artist – on our platform you will find a variety of ways to get paid for your work.

The platform

Our project will be the first online cultural platform in Europe, consisting of many different areas.

The Blog

An introduction to the history of Europe, with a focus on the cultural history of the last 1000 years

The course platform

Lecturers from various fields, experts in their field, will take you into the world of art and culture.

The social network

A social network, a secluded place on the net, free from noise and distractions, open only to art lovers.

For visitors

Experience the world of art and culture in a completely new way.

Read on our blog an introduction to the history of Europe, with a special focus on the art and culture of the last 1000 years.

Deepen your knowledge with videos and online courses on a wide range of topics, from the “Art of the Fugue” to an introduction to Monet’s work and the history of the Thirty Years War.

Get to know the artists, authors and lecturers you admire personally. Direct and uncomplicated, in a quiet place, separated from the rest of the network.

Browse through the works of artists and craftsmen from half of Europe and purchase truly unique pieces.

And last but not least: support these people with just one click. Simple and uncomplicated, directly via our platform.

For schools

The cultural platform for schools – the world of art and culture for children and young people. And a valuable help in times of school closures and corona crisis.

The shop

We give artists and artisans a place where they can present themselves and their work without getting lost in the maelstrom of video clips and irrelevant advertising.

The donation button

Support your favourite artist, author and lecturer. Simple, direct and without much effort, directly on our platform.

For artists and cultural workers

We have long been looking for a contemporary way for artists and cultural practitioners to build another financial foothold online.

After a long period of planning and hesitation, we decided to throw all our concerns overboard and start as soon as possible. So that we can support you in these difficult times.

That’s why you too can join us and use one of the many ways to earn money through our platform.

Create an online course on any topic or share directly your concert recordings, readings or theatre performances.

Make your works of art available to visitors from all German-speaking countries or easily receive donations and support.

Above all, network with your audience and build your own community with people who love art and culture and who are willing to support you on your way.

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Let us make this dream come true together and create an online platform for art and culture.

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