A hunter boy, who sells his soul to the devil to get into the possession of magic balls.

A beautiful hunter’s daughter, whom two young men vie for.

Enchanted creatures, mischievous dreams, a bridal wreath that turns out to be a mourning wreath and a tragic end.

The wild beauty of nature, primal folk scenes and the devil in the Wolf Gorge.

All this serves only as background for the probably most beautiful melodies, which the German romanticism brought out.


Weber’s “Freischütz” should be familiar to everyone, as it is one of the most important works in our opera history.

For almost 200 years, musicians have been striving for this work, always giving themselves to music anew and fighting for every phrase.

One of the most interesting and successful fruits of this work is probably Carlos Kleiber’s recording, which sets standards in terms of text clarity and a radically new understanding of tempo.


Carlos Kleiber and the Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart rehearsing:


The overture of the work: