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Rights of use for Video

All works used in this video are in the public domain. In the following a list of the origin.


The music in this video is taken from the platform The works on this platform are in the public domain and have been made freely available for non-commercial use.

The interpretation used can be viewed here.


The photographs used are from the Pixabay platform. Works on this platform are provided free of charge by the users and can be used freely worldwide.

You can find out more about this platform here:


The paintings used are provided by the Art Institute Chicago. This museum has a large number of paintings in the public domain. The paintings used are all under this license.

You can read the usage data here:


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Otherwise I wish you a lot of joy with my videos.


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Hermann Hesse

Hermann Hesse, the misunderstood dreamer, who always started a new journey.