My heart was beating. Quickly, on horseback!
And away, wild as a hero to battle.
The evening already swayed the earth,
And on the mountains hung the night.
Already hour in the fog dress the oak
Like a turreted giant there,
Where darkness from the bushes
With a hundred black eyes saw.

The moon from a hill of clouds
Peeked sleepily out of the fragrance,
The winches swung wings quietly,
Ghastly my ears were swirling around.
The night created a thousand monsters,
But my courage was a thousand times greater,
My spirit was a consuming fire,
My whole heart melted into embers.

I saw you, and the mild joy
Raft out of the sweet gaze upon me.
All my heart was at your side,
And every breath for you.
A rose-colored spring weather
lay on the lovely face
And tenderness for me, gods,
I hope so, I don’t deserve it.

The parting, how pressed, how dull!
Your heart spoke from your looks.
In your kisses what love,
O what bliss, what pain!
You went, I stood and looked to the earth
And looked at you with a wet look.
And yet, what luck to be loved,
And love, gods, what happiness!

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)