Hello and welcome to my blog.

There are two reasons for this blog. Firstly, there are personal reasons concerning myself and my development. And secondly, there is a social, or rather a contemporary reason I became aware of during the course of my life. 


First and foremost: About me.

During the last few years, I have noticed that so many things I usually took for granted were simply vanishing. Things like becoming engrossed in a book, and to deeply think about the topic and learn from it. I also noticed that my taste in books has changed over the years. Now I read almost nothing else but light fiction, or theoretical works on history and sociology. I began to avoid the wide field of literature I learned to love so much. And it didn’t even happen consciously, Ijust got so bored at some point, and everything felt the same. There was nothing new or exciting to discover anymore.

But literature was not the only thing I avoided. The same thing happened with music. Out of nowhere, I found myself warbling to songs being played on the radio more and more frequently. And then, I forgot how a certain theme by Mozart or Schubert would continue. And the more time passed, the more it seemed no longer important.

Then I forced myself to take a closer look on how things actually were, and I was startled. What had happened to my mind? Why was my soul so empty? Where did my education and my interest in it go?


To make a long story short,I became lazier the older I got. But that’s not all, because I also started to move with the times. I spent way too much time on the internet or read shallow magazines. I watched movies or looked at boring images. And that’s exactly what made my brain weaker, and my soul and mind began to wither.

But since I am aware of this now, I am looking for a way back. Because I really don’t want to spend the rest of my life living this way.

I will try to go back – back to literature, classical music and our history.

And I would like to record this way back on this blog. For my reckoning, and so I won’t forget my self-assigned mission.


And that takes me straight to the second reason why I am writing this. If I only did this for myself, I could just use a plain note book and keep it to myself.

But I noticed that I’m not the only one with this feeling. There are so many people on the Internet, in the libraries, on the streets, who have lost their connection to art and culture just like I did.

I am not the only one, it rather seems to be an entire social phenomenon of our time.

And just by browsing through books, during conversations and by thinking about it, I’ve come across a few reasons why this might be happening today.

This is something I would like to write about as well. Why did the world become the way it is today, why is every one of us to blame, and how each of us can help to make a change.

Maybe it’s helpful for some people if we just share our thoughts. Maybe I can give some advice which might work for you, and in return you might be able to help me on my way. 


Another reason for this blog is because I think I still know how this works. I still remember how your life changes, and maybe even enhances, through literature and music. I still know about our history. I still know about good literature. And I know what kind of music you just have to know or learn about in order to understand and integrate it into your life.

Therefore, I will record my way back. But not only this, I will also inform you about books which will teach you on how to properly read again, how you learnto listen and to understand music. And what our history actually tells.


Because I believe that this world is going to be a very cold and poor place if we lose all our culture. And right now, we are moving straight towards this kind of future.

But I also believe that we still have a chance to make a change. We can change ourselves and thus the society and culture we live in to make the world a better and more viable place. For us, and for the people to come after us. 


The section General includes all the texts about topics very close to my heart. They are mostly about reading, culture, why it’s disappearing, and much more.


In Literature, I will write about a book once a week, going from easy to more demanding literature. Because first, I no longer possess the intellectual strength to confrontDostojewski or Proust, and second, I am probably not the only one feeling this way, so it’s easier for everyone.


In the Musicsection, I would like to talk about classical music and introduce its world by explaining how it works and how you can learn to understand it without an emotional level.


I’m looking forward to get to know you a little more over there.