Hermann Hesse

Hermann Hesse, the misunderstood dreamer, the seeker, the mistaken one, who repeatedly set off on a failed journey.


This work is sad. It is dark and tired like us. But it is animated by its own beauty and drives a stake into the petrified heart of our time.
“One have to try the impossible to achieve the possible.”


Hermann Hesse


Here is a biography of this great poet.
“People with courage and character are always very scary to other people.”



“The thing was this: from my thirteenth year on it was clear to me that I wanted to become either a poet or nothing at all.”


“The function of the poet is not to show the ways, but above all to awaken longing.”

Klingsors last summer

Klingsor, the magician, Klingsor, the woman seducer, the friend Li Tai Pos, the drunkard, the painter, the poet and the seeker who leads a life like a candle burning on both sides.
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