Born in 1625, Willem (or Guilliam) de Heusch was a Dutch landscape painter and engraver of the 17th century.


Little is known about his life and education. It is only certain that he was born and died in Utrecht.

He probably studied with Jan Both, because their painting styles are very similar. The structure of the paintings, the colours used and above all the effect of the warm southern light are so similar in both that even connoisseurs find it difficult to assign their paintings to the right master.


But it is also possible that during their time together in Italy they were influenced by Claude Lorraine, whose Arcadian art they imitated, as you can see in the painting I share today.

Although W. Heusch is known first and foremost as a master of colours and the effect of the sun, he was also an important etcher, of whom twelve engravings have been preserved.