The »Porte du Peyrou« is a triumphal arch in the southern French city of Montpellier. Completed in 1693, it was originally in use as a city gate. Today it forms the eastern entrance to the Promendade du Peyrou green area (a popular meeting place for the city’s students).

The architecture of the structure is imposing and impresses with its dimensions and ornate decorations. It is built of stone and has a height of almost 30 meters. The columns supporting the structure are decorated with ornate reliefs, and the impressive medallions show allegorical scenes from the life of Louis XIV, to whom the structure was dedicated posthumously.

In the picture, the left medallion shows Louis XIV, depicted as Hercules, being crowned with a laurel wreath. On the right is a depiction of the conquest of Namur in 1692. Kneeling before the king is depicted the Dutch Republic handing him the key of the city. At his feet lies a conquered lion – a heraldic animal of the Dutch Republic.