You might have noticed already that this blog is not about following any official literary history. While there is a compelling canon of works that has evolved over time and requires a sharp mind, I’d like to talk about something else first.

It is important for me to create an awareness of the importance of reading. For you to see that our society is heading straight towards an abyss due to the loss of the traditional book, and thusthe risk to lose our culture and the foundations of our coexistence.

But I also want to show you that we can build a wall against the flash flood by getting concerned with literature. 


That’s why I want to awake your desire for it. A longing for more than life can offer us today. A yearning for more than just colorful images on screens or everlasting afternoons in the shopping streets. Because in reality, life has so much more to offer. 


As we enter the world of literature, we experience a continent filled with stories, new experiences, adventures, thoughts and feelings with the power to change us. Because when we read with devotion, we begin to see the world in a different light. We discover hidden beauties, new thoughts, we feela more differentiated sense about ourselves and get a new perspective of our actual role in this world.

Through this power, which can only be expressed by written words, we transform after each good book we read. (-> About reading) 


For this to happen, we have to deal with authors who write “real” literature.

It always depends on how honest their view of the world is, how deep they submerge into their inner self, and whether they have the ability and the power to express their thoughts and feelings in words.


That’s why, in this post, I would like to talk about St. Zweig. He is one of those writers who are able to touch our soul with their words. He does not only scratch the surface, but lets us shiver because of his honesty and knowledge of human nature.

No matter if we read the “Letter from an Unknown Woman”, “Burning Secret” or one of his other short stories. He makes our ever-silenced inner strings sound; strings, no one has touched in a long while.


But there is another reason why I recommend his books.

Due to all the media out there, we got used to such a fast-paced lifestyle that it became fairly difficult to enjoy lengthy stories or weighty tomes.

It is actually convenient that Zweig himself was a rather impatient reader, crossing outeverything that might have slowed down the reading pace in his own stories.

Therefore, his stories are magically attracting to readers, making them want to finish the story no matter what.


If we are honest then this is exactly what we are looking for. One of the primary tasks of books is to joiltus, to enrich our soul and to transform us to another being of ourselves.

Good literature does that with every word. It teaches us new thoughts and to feel differently. And thereby, it changes us as a human. 


Zweig achieved all of this in a wonderful way one must have experienced.

He tells stories that still moveus today, and he tells them in a way you will never forget. 



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